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      Plastic Houseware Manufacturer

      XinYing Plastic International Corporation is, established in 1996, a major plastic housewares manufacturer and plastic household products exporter in China. Our plastic houseware products are daily used plastic household items. These plastic products are 100% for exporting to all over the world.

      Our main clients are from Europe, USA, South America, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and Middle East. We have over 185 factories working for our company to manufacture plastic housewares. We supply our plastic products to many importers and retailers, also directly to many famous super markets, such as K-Mart, Walmart. We also specialize in OEM and promotion plastic items, we now do the promotion to many clients, such as Disneyland, Warner Brothers, Coca Cola, Pizza Hut, Nestle, and so on. Our factories have audit certificate of SEDEX 4P, Coca-cola, ISO22000, ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI, AVON, and Loreal.

      We have thousands of daily used plastic products for you to choose from, such as bar accessories, ice buckets, cooler boxes, water bottles, lunch boxes, cosmetic boxes, bathroom series, and much more plastic household products. Also, we are strong in promotion of plastic houseware products, especially for the bar items. You may go to the individual category to view our plastic products. We hope you will feel satisfied and succeed when you choose our company as your business supplyer. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


      Featured Items

      plastic promotion items

      Promotion Items

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      plastic water bottles

      Water Bottles

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      Plastic Lunch Boxes

      Lunch Boxes

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      plastic kitchen wares

      Kitchen Wares

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      Plastic Houseware Cups

      Plastic Cups

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      plastic items for children

      Children Items

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      Plastic Storage Jags

      Storage Jars

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